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The Overland Track In Tasmania, Australia


Having done several treks all over the world, I find that walking the entire Overland Track, Australia in six days to be the best. You can also take short day walks from the Cradle Mountain Visitor Center and Dove Lake. If you are to take the full six days walk, preparation and planning are needed because by the time we were through the first day, everybody was feeling frail and dehydrated. Our tour agent told us that the best time to walk the track was between November and April because you might lack space to stay in a stove-heated hut. While the trek was challenging, this walk was a true communion with nature – we saw lakes, the forests, gorges, moors and mountains. The spectacular waterfalls were just awesome.


Day 1 begun from Ronny Creek car park to Waterfall Valley. This was a 10 km hike to the imposing peaks of Cradle Mountain – very challenging. We started walking from Dove Lake then meandered upwards past Lake Lilla to Marion Lookout which is a great place to just relax and contemplate in silence. We ended our day in Waterfall Valley where we spent the night in under canvas in one of the campsites.


The fresh mountain air woke us up and the native birds chirping were heavenly. We embarked on our day 2 hike from Waterfall Valley to Lake Windermere. This is a 8km walk and took us about 3 hours so we had plenty of time to seek the scenery. The trail heads southwards and is covered with moors and pandani bushes. We took a scenic lunch at Lake Will and even had time to swim. We settled for the night in a hut in Windermere. The 3rd was a 17km walk from Windermere to Pelion Plains. We stopped at Forth River Lookout to view the huge eucalyptus forest. There is a horse trail built in the 18th century by miners that we followed to the newly constructed Pelion huts.


Cradle Mountain covered with could and Dove la...     The 4th day was a 9km walk to Kia Ora. We passed through emerald forests and saw the cathedral mountains but since we are not experienced climbers, we didn’t climb to the peaks. We went up a small ridge and were finally at Kia Ora. 5th day was to walk to Windy Ridge which was about 10km. We visited the leatherwood Garden covered with giant white flowers. Headed south and explored the most spectacular waterfalls in Tasmania. The last day was an 18km walk to Lake St. Clair. We saw the summit of Mt. Acropolis and witnessed the picturesque Pine Valley. We ended our Overland Track, Australia trip with a boat cruise where we admired scenery and the mountains surrounding Tasmania.