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Truly, Himalayas is the place to trek in before you die


Indian Himalayas, India is the most amazing part, which lie in the Indian Territory. Himalayan chain stretches form a knot in Myanmar to the extreme boarder of Bhutan. It continues in the state of Sikkim, which host the world’s third highest mountain Kanchenjunga. Range finally runs through Nepal, Ladak and ends at east of Karakorum. When you think about India, you might think of heat, noise, and vibrant colors. However, once you enter the Himalayan region your perspective will change. You enter the land of snow caped mountains where cold wind could shiver your toes. Lush green landscape at the foothills is the hook for your eyes.

Some best places for trekking


Crow's Lake is one of the hundreds of lakes in...     In my experience, there are some places in Himalayan region, which can be considered as the best trekking places in the world. In Himalayas, Kashmir is known as the heaven on earth. It has one of the best trek route in India and not many of them know about this trek. Trek region starts at a base camp in Sonmarg, which is four-hour drive from Srinagar. From Sonmarg you can go for several trekking trails. Vishnusar, is the must visit trekking spot which host the beautiful lake at its foot and probably the best camping spot. This trek is known as the great lakes trek.
If you like snow, The Chadar fozen river trek is perfect for you. If you have seen magazine photos featuring Buddhist monks walking bare foot in snow, most of them are shot in Chadar. It provides inhospitable conditions, which could be an amazing challenge for a trekker. Average temperature is below minus 10 degree Celsius. Though, it seems difficult trek, it gives a unique experience with the scenery, atmosphere, frozen river and exotic camp sites.
Nothings beats a trek in the valley of flowers. This is a national park trek which host some of the most exotic flowers in the world. Base camp is situated in Govindghat. You will find several trails, which runs on the flat path with beautiful flowers on sides. Valley could be imagined as the carpet of several colors, surrounded by ice caped mountains. On the bright sunny day valley is imaginably beautiful.

These are few examples of treks, which Indian Himalaya offers. Treks are open almost throughout the year. You will get from toughest trekking regions to most picturesque region. Whether you are a novice trekker or an experienced one, Himalayan range has unique adventures to offer you. So just pack your bags, put your trekking shoes on, and visit Indian Himalayas, India.