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Inca Trail, Peru


Some people travel to get to the destination, while others just enjoy the journey itself. The amazing Inca trails satisfies both of the preferences. It is one of the most acclaimed and adventurous treks of South America with subtropical jungle terrains, lush green forests, inspiring mix of Inca stones and long dark tunnels. The final destination of Machu Picchu makes the trek worth all the efforts.
Brief History : The history of the mighty Inca trails is always associated with the Machu Picchu. A long run of 40,000 kms is stretched over the Incas which makes it the most difficult trails in South America. These corners of the trails are the connecting dots between the colossal empire which stretch between Ecuador and Argentina. Historians believe the trail is a sacred pathway to the Machu Picchu.
Inca Trail Highlights : Sacred Valley of Ollantaytambo :The journey begins in the sacred valley which runs through a numerous ancient ruins along with small villages. The trail ends in the ancient city of Ollantaytambo which is famous for its palaces and the trekkers are offered breakfast here.
The Pattalacta Ruins : Also known as the ruins of ancient Inca castle, the Pattalacta ruins are one of the most astonishing and beautiful sight in


es: Camino Inca de Cusco a Machu Picchu (Perú)...    the trail. It is a marble and stone paved path with lush green forests which are sure to take your breath away.
Dead Woman’s Pass : The name might sound a bit creepy and scary, but the dead woman’s pass is a beautiful trail which include a wide variety of flowering plants. It resembles a dead woman and is considered to be the most challenging part of he whole journey. It is also the highest point of the trek.
Runkuracay : It was discovered in the year 1915 and is considered the most beautiful stop of the trek. It was a fort which was later converted into a resting point for all the trekkers. It has a special place reserved for endangered animals and plant species.
The Sun Gate : The Sun Gate marks the ending point of the amazing and adventurous Inca trail. It is also called Intipunku which signifies that the visitor has reached the sacred point of Machu Picchu. It includes two stones which are perched parallel on a narrow passage to form the gate of the Sun. The trekkers can see the sun rising through the portal early in the morning which in itself is a mesmerizing view.