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A memorable moment in GR20


I have been involved in trekking before, but this one in the GR20 is a memorable one. This trekking becomes memorable to me because of the great experience am getting here. I had never experienced a lot new things before making the trekking completely interesting. GR20, France is a 15-day hiking activity, which I am enjoying as I trek in all the 168 Kilometers.


The most interesting thing about this long distance trail is that it gives diversity since there are different landscapes that are available here making the whole process great and interesting too. In addition, I have realized that the landscape where the trail traverses make it beautiful and gorgeous. Not only so, the varying landscapes along the trail makes the trekking exercise interesting and lively.


Moreover, the trek has forests, granite moonscapes, and windswept craters. These make the trek look great. Having the sight of the whole trail, it is looking attractive and I am encouraged to continue with the trekking. In addition, there are bogs, maquis and snow-capped peaks. There are also plains and névés with snow making the whole trek long great from far.


Red and white marks and sometimes piles of roc...


Besides the whole exercise being enjoyable, several hardships and challenges come along with it. The challenges that I am experiencing as I walk this 104mi trek is that there are rocks along the path. This is making it hard for me to walk faster since it tiring to walk all through on these rocks. After reaching to some place, the path sometimes becomes steep. with sharp rock faces seen. However, despite these challenges on the part of the path, the whole hiking is fun and interesting. The hardships experience during trekking gives pride and a satisfaction once am through to the end of the trail. Besides having great experience in trekking, one sees the beauty of the place.


What I learnt about GR20 is that it was created in 1972. In addition, there are many travel agencies that offer their transport services to these location. This has made it easier for me to access the place since there is a great transport system to the place. During the trekking, I get extremely hungry. Thanks to the refuges that are here and are selling food and water. The refuge is the only place where you can buy some snacks or water to drink when walking on the trail. After being in the scorching sun for some time, the water bought from the refuge helps a lot in quenching the thirst.