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Trekking on Shi Shi Beach

shi shi beach

Shi Shi Beach is a great place to go trekking. Shi Shi beach is found is on the Olympic Peninsula in Washington. To get, there driving from Port Angeles you drive 5 miles west on the US-101 then turn west again going towards Neah Bay which is 64- mile trip on the SR-112. When you are at Bayview Ave turn left on Fort St and take a right on Third Street. From there you will take a left on Cape Flattery Road while driving 2.5 miles then another left on Hobuk Road. There are signs of a fish hatchery that will you will drive past going to the trail head.

Shi_Shi beach washingtonShi Shi beach has a beautiful beach with coastal rainforest, old growth grove and unique flora and fauna. When you are at the beach you will get to see the landscape covered with mountains that making it look like a magical place to be. It offers a great place to trek on.

Trekking at the beach is very easy and anyone can do it. The elevation is gradual and it only takes a day to cover the 8 miles of the trail. Depending on your speed you can either cover the distance in a short period of time or leisurely walk through the wilderness trail. The trail will take you through the dense and ancient rainforest where the Makah’s live. Through the trek you will have a chance to see whales in the ocean and a couple of sea birds flying overhead. After going through the trek and appreciating nature you can look forward to go to the camping area in the park.

My best experience on the park was in the evening when we knew we were going to do some overnight backpacking. Like many other visitors who are out there I was longing to take my best sun set picture to commemorate my time at Shi Shi Beach. Although I had carried all my backpacking equipment with me I was pleased to find out that there sleeping bags that you can rent from the Olympic National Park and they are very affordable. Being a bargain hunter that was good news to me.

shi she trekkingAt the backpacking site there were close to 100 other visitors who had come like me to enjoy nature and to have a little fun while they were there. I was told that the place becomes very popular especially in summer where the park gets as many as 250 campers in a single day.