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Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro Stress Free

kilimanjaro treking

As one of the highest freestanding mountains in the world, the Mount Kilimanjaro is hailed to be one of the most visited mountains by mountaineers and trekkers from the different parts of the globe. The beautiful landscape of the mountain sits on the north eastern part of Tanzania and it fosters three volcanoes namely the Kibo, Mawenzi and Shira. Many aspire to be able to climb Africa’s highest peak which is seated at the heart of the Kilimanjaro National Park. If you plan traveling in Tanzania to climb the Kilimanjaro Mountain, here are some of the considerations that can help you enjoy your mountain climbing adventure stress free.

Preparing your journey by season

The best months to climb Mount Kilimanjaro are January, February and September where the temperature tends to be warm or moderate. The coolest months in the mountain are June and July while the wettest are April and May. Considering the climate when planning for your visit is significant as it can affect the risks involved when climbing the mountain. However, the temperature may vary throughout the climb as the altitude changes. Owing to its proximity in the equator and for its height, Mount Kilimanjaro is known to create its own weather that may change unpredictably. This is the reason why travelers are advised to be prepared for both the wet weather during the day and the coldness at night.

KilimanjaroPreparing your budget and safety

Some climbers prefer taking with them their own mountain climbing gears but to some who travel a long way to reach Tanzania renting equipment seems to be a good option. Travelers will likely spend for the equipment between $500 to a thousand dollars exclusive of the fees you need to shell out for your sleeping bags, clothing accessories and other travel kits. Prior to entering Tanzania, visitors are mandated to receive the Yellow Fever jab for their safety and protection. This is because Tanzania is prone to the malaria disease. This will generally costs you $100 to $200 for the jab. If you want to ensure the safety of your health, Hep A vaccines are likewise available. Travelers should avoid bringing their children who are 10 years old and younger. If you want to take them they should not be allowed to hike more than 300 meters.

Enroll in an organized tour

Rarely are travelers allowed to climb the mountain without the company of a licensed travel guide. There are many tour operators that can help arrange your adventure Voyage Kilimanjaro. They can help make your travel experience more meaningful as you get to hike with less stress and concerns because your tour guide will make all the necessary arrangements needed for your trip. Call the different travel guide services early to book your flight and to give you the ample time to compare their travel package, services, accommodation and fees.

Maximize your Mount Kilimanjaro hike on a full moon

The majority of travelers climb the summit to watch the stunning effects on the glaciers of the mountain peak by the full moon. It is during this time that mountain trekkers flock the summit. You should avoid this activity if you don’t like a crowded climb.

Dogon, Mali


The land of the Dogon people is a simple gorgeous and breathtaking region which is located n Africa. Those choosing to go on a trek here will go on a hike that lasts anywhere between 2 and 10 days. Individuals who choose this stellar region to hike in will be able to view the magnificent cliffs of the Bandiagara escarpment as I did. I found them to be absolutely amazing. View these cliffs and make sure they are on your route. The cliffs are reminiscent of days gone bye and individuals can view them and hike around them with care.
The Dogon people are known for their artistic skills. I was totally amazed when I was on the hike viewing the various creative designs that have been created by the people, these would include items such as masked silt dancers, door with intricate carvings and dwellings that look much like a pueblo village. These are the things you can take advantage of in Pays Dogon Mali. I have found that this the trek of a lifetime and one that I will certainly do again. I was free to marvel at cliff paintings while on the trail. Walking on the Dogon Mali trail was more than a hike or a trek it was an experience, and one that I hope that I can repeat at some point in the future.

Landscape_Dogon_Mali The region is broken into 3 separate areas, the Southern Plateau, Northern Plateau an the lowland. I was relieved to find housing during the course of my trip. I was able to get on the trailhead and find housing in Bengnimaot. From there I went to Dourou and purchased indigo fabrics. I saw some of the best cliff paintings at Songo. I then took a 4×4 to the Northern Plateau. went to explore some of the things that are available for the individual to view. I was thrilled, I was able to go to other parts of the region and walk on the Northern plateau loop to see the Youga villages. I did not pay the 10,000 cga for a guide, but many people do. I was able to communicate in French well enough that I did not need one. However, I did choose to hire a local guide that kept me from making mistakes along the route. Be prepared to wrangle with your guide as most will wish for more money. I paid my Mali guide 1,000 CGA, and he kept me from making mistakes along this amazing artistic route.