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Yoshida Trail, Mount Fuji, Japan


You have never experienced true beauty of nature, tranquility and adventure if you have not paid a visit to the Yoshida Trail in Japan. The Yoshida Trail is up the side of Mount Fuji, which is known to be the highest in Japan.

Me with a couple of my friends were traveling through Japan and decided to give it a try. People said this mountain is not for the unskilled, well let me just add the amazing beauty and the thrill of the climb is priceless!

We were astounded went we got off at the Fuji Subaru Line 5th Station. We were met with the most spectacular view of the Fuji Five Lakes as we stood on the platform at 2300 meters above sea level. The station is lined with shops of every kind and restaurants to pick and choose from.

trekking japanWe sat down and had the most filling meal, then we stocked up on snacks, oxygen and bottled water, as someone forgot to pack all our supplies. But, we were saved by the friendly people at all the shops.

Before we embarked on our great expedition/adventure we popped around to the back of the station to have a look at the Komitake Shrine. I must say it is breath taking. Then we ascended along with a large group of tourists and other hikers from all corners of the world.

As we climbed the wind cooled down and filled the air with a chilling breeze. We stopped at one of the huts, I suspect about a half way up and with two and a half hours behind us. Our feet were throbbing. The hut was cozy and we had to pay a fee for resting there, but it was worth it.

We sat looking down the way we came and at all of Japan that lay below us, that sense of exquisiteness that fills you cannot be described in any way at all. I will definitely hike the Yoshida Trail up Mount Fuji in Japan again and recommend it to all that seek adventure.

yoshida trailThere are also a couple of other trails such as the Gotemba Trail, the Ochudo Trail and going to see Hoeizan’s Crater. Each of these hold their own beauty and offer climbers with varying skills a lifetime adventure.

But for the more prominent hiker such as us, there is little in this world that can compare to the Yoshida Trail up Mount Fuji in Japan.

Everest Base Camp, Nepal

Nepal Base Camp

Mount Everest has captured the imaginations of intrepid explorers from as far back as 1920. Historically certified legends such as Tenzing Norgay, Sir Edmund Hillary, and George Mallory put their stamp of approval on the mount and since then, millions have followed in their stead, enduring monumental obstacles, and even putting their own personal safety at risk just to try to reach the top. In more recent times, while reaching the summit is still out of reach for many, getting to base camp is an ample substitute for those who simply want to get a good view of the top without actually having to go there.


The view from base camp is quite breathtaking, but there are numerous other things that tourists can occupy themselves with. Numerous museums and monasteries lead the way to the base. There are also quite moving examples of fascinating cultural experiences to be had which coupled with the natural beauty of the place is quite a heady tonic that fills one with memories that last a life time. The best time to head to the base camp would be between the months of March and May and between September and December. The reason behind this is that the monsoon hits just after May and heavy rain may put a damper on anyone’s vacation. The temperatures are rather low in December but if one is willing to brace themselves against the cold their reward is that the beauty is still there to enjoy. This is in addition to the fact that there are relatively fewer people around giving the impression that one has the place to themselves.

English: Mount Everest North Face as seen from...It’s possible to go it alone but having a guide can maximize the experience. Using a guide company also has the added advantage of having everything arranged from a solitary source and they might even think of things you may have forgotten. You can save a lot by booking a company at the base rather than having your local tour company arrange everything for you. Getting to base camp is really not for the faint hearted and you need to get in shape to stand a chance against the place. Having said this, there really isn’t anything that can prepare you for the extreme altitude and hills but don’t let this put you off. If anything, you can go at your own pace and leisure. Pack very lightly and ensure that your overall luggage doesn’t weigh more than 15 kgs. Do not forget the thermal underwear and fleece jacket, as the temperatures are rather low once you get past 3000 meters. Consider also packing polarized sunglasses, sunhat, woolen hat, gloves, and a raincoat in addition to your clothes.


Truly, Himalayas is the place to trek in before you die


Indian Himalayas, India is the most amazing part, which lie in the Indian Territory. Himalayan chain stretches form a knot in Myanmar to the extreme boarder of Bhutan. It continues in the state of Sikkim, which host the world’s third highest mountain Kanchenjunga. Range finally runs through Nepal, Ladak and ends at east of Karakorum. When you think about India, you might think of heat, noise, and vibrant colors. However, once you enter the Himalayan region your perspective will change. You enter the land of snow caped mountains where cold wind could shiver your toes. Lush green landscape at the foothills is the hook for your eyes.

Some best places for trekking


Crow's Lake is one of the hundreds of lakes in...     In my experience, there are some places in Himalayan region, which can be considered as the best trekking places in the world. In Himalayas, Kashmir is known as the heaven on earth. It has one of the best trek route in India and not many of them know about this trek. Trek region starts at a base camp in Sonmarg, which is four-hour drive from Srinagar. From Sonmarg you can go for several trekking trails. Vishnusar, is the must visit trekking spot which host the beautiful lake at its foot and probably the best camping spot. This trek is known as the great lakes trek.
If you like snow, The Chadar fozen river trek is perfect for you. If you have seen magazine photos featuring Buddhist monks walking bare foot in snow, most of them are shot in Chadar. It provides inhospitable conditions, which could be an amazing challenge for a trekker. Average temperature is below minus 10 degree Celsius. Though, it seems difficult trek, it gives a unique experience with the scenery, atmosphere, frozen river and exotic camp sites.
Nothings beats a trek in the valley of flowers. This is a national park trek which host some of the most exotic flowers in the world. Base camp is situated in Govindghat. You will find several trails, which runs on the flat path with beautiful flowers on sides. Valley could be imagined as the carpet of several colors, surrounded by ice caped mountains. On the bright sunny day valley is imaginably beautiful.

These are few examples of treks, which Indian Himalaya offers. Treks are open almost throughout the year. You will get from toughest trekking regions to most picturesque region. Whether you are a novice trekker or an experienced one, Himalayan range has unique adventures to offer you. So just pack your bags, put your trekking shoes on, and visit Indian Himalayas, India.