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The Haute Route, France-Switzerland


With millions of trails crisscrossing the mighty Alps which arc through Italy, Switzerland, France, Austria and Germany, you could spend your entire lifetime hiking in these amazing trails. But The Haute Route linking Chamonix in France to the southern part of Zermatt in Switzerland, delivers far more scenic beauty and adventure in a single achievable trail. It takes you through some of the most difficult and highest terrains in Europe which passes through ten of the twelve highest peaks of the mighty Alps. Weaving through the green pine forests sprinkled with berries and wild mushrooms, you would often emerge onto green grasslands where herders graze their sheep, goat and cows throughout the spring.
English: Lac des Dix (Grande Dixence), Valais....      Today the route is popular for its 200 km summer trek and winter ski mountaineering. The trek does not require any special skills or technical ability and is suited for any hiker who is fit and healthy to survive the 14 day hike gaining a total of about 14000 meters in elevation. A wide network of huts and tents allows the hikers to have occasional showers, healthy and clean accommodation with delicious food. All the hikers have to hike without any sleeping bags, tents or stoves. The trail is full of adventure and is a lot of fun.
Though the Haute Route is bi directional, most of the hikers start from Chamonix and then move towards the south region as written in most of the books and guide tours. This puts the harsh sun on the back of hikers as they ascend the slopes of Alps. From the north of Mont Blanc you will make swift ascent past the dramatic and shiny needles of snowy dome to a small refuge camp at Col De Balme. You will pass through a


Map of the Swiss part of the Eastern Alpsseries of beautiful and peaceful glaciers ending up in the cold deserts filled with snow dust. On the fourth day, you will take a stroll through eastern shore of Lac Dix, which is considered to be the most harsh and challenging route of the whole journey. Fin ally after thirteen days of hard work, you will climb the valley leading to Zermatt which is the final point of the destination.
You will be amazed and blessed with the beauty of Matterhorn. The great Swiss mountains along with the scenic beauty is the perfect ending to an amazing trail. It is no doubt that the Haute Route is the most adventurous and rewarding Swiss Alps long distance tour.




My Trekk Through the Narrows USA


One of the most amazing areas you can hike according to my personal opinion, is a trek through the Narrows USA. Zion National Park USA. It is undoubtedly one of the most scenic areas in the United States. The journey through dramatic canyons carved over centuries by the virgin river is on of the sights you will not soon forget. The Narrows, USA is an exalted place that those who enjoy natural areas should make sure that they view some of the beautiful natural areas. You can se and can take advantage of these when you chose to hike an camp in this all natural and yet exotic location in Utah, like I did.
View the hanging gardens and the natural options at a leisurely place. It is one of the things that you should take advantage of when hiking in the Narrows. Even though the hike can be done in a day, some choose to do it at a more relaxed pace and spend the night at one of the 12 campgrounds that are located withing the park. I thoroughly enjoyed my trek through the park and marveled at the scenery. We did plan our hike for last July because our hike involved wading and also swimming in the river, we also availed ourselves of the campground.
Even though i have visited the Grand Canyon one of the parks i have always been interested in visiting is Zion National Park in Utah. I have been told the Zion Park was even more impressive than the Grand Canyon, and those who are of that opinion are not wrong. Majestic outcroppings and the chance to see some beautiful natural terrain are one of the things that make Zion great and and options that individuals can take advantage of traversing. They can choose to take the 16 mile trail through some o the most dramatic spectacular beautiful canyons and unspoiled territory that this nation has to offer.


English: The starting point of the Zion narrow...     The chance to participate in nature and hike a trail that has dramatic scenery and an option to view nature at things you can take advantage of. It is one of the things you can take advantage of on a majestic trail. I was amazed by nature and it’s offerings. Hiking the Narrows is one of the things you can find and enjoy. This hike is one like no other. I found the chance to hike in the pristine wilderness to be a once in a lifetime opportunity and one that I will treasure my whole life.
Individuals should make sue hat you can take advantage of the scenic options that they need and can take a hike in the Narrows. I loved the great camping and hiking trip. The virgin river, the natural springs and the soaring sandstone grottoes are just some of the scenic adventures you can take advantage of when you choose to take this out of the world hike through the Narrows. The way I can best describe it is other worldly and amazing. Take a hike through the Narrows, USA and see for yourself.










Dogon, Mali


The land of the Dogon people is a simple gorgeous and breathtaking region which is located n Africa. Those choosing to go on a trek here will go on a hike that lasts anywhere between 2 and 10 days. Individuals who choose this stellar region to hike in will be able to view the magnificent cliffs of the Bandiagara escarpment as I did. I found them to be absolutely amazing. View these cliffs and make sure they are on your route. The cliffs are reminiscent of days gone bye and individuals can view them and hike around them with care.
The Dogon people are known for their artistic skills. I was totally amazed when I was on the hike viewing the various creative designs that have been created by the people, these would include items such as masked silt dancers, door with intricate carvings and dwellings that look much like a pueblo village. These are the things you can take advantage of in Pays Dogon Mali. I have found that this the trek of a lifetime and one that I will certainly do again. I was free to marvel at cliff paintings while on the trail. Walking on the Dogon Mali trail was more than a hike or a trek it was an experience, and one that I hope that I can repeat at some point in the future.

Landscape_Dogon_Mali The region is broken into 3 separate areas, the Southern Plateau, Northern Plateau an the lowland. I was relieved to find housing during the course of my trip. I was able to get on the trailhead and find housing in Bengnimaot. From there I went to Dourou and purchased indigo fabrics. I saw some of the best cliff paintings at Songo. I then took a 4×4 to the Northern Plateau. went to explore some of the things that are available for the individual to view. I was thrilled, I was able to go to other parts of the region and walk on the Northern plateau loop to see the Youga villages. I did not pay the 10,000 cga for a guide, but many people do. I was able to communicate in French well enough that I did not need one. However, I did choose to hire a local guide that kept me from making mistakes along the route. Be prepared to wrangle with your guide as most will wish for more money. I paid my Mali guide 1,000 CGA, and he kept me from making mistakes along this amazing artistic route.